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  • IFLA WLIC Call for Papers

    IFLA WLIC  open session and satellite meeting Call for Papers are collected on our conference website.  There are several things concerning the Calls that you should be aware of...

    Informational Page - 1 December 2017

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  • New content in Officers Corner

    The Dates and Deadlines for Officers 2016 - 2017 is finally updated. Apologies that this has taken so long! It is now a web page which can still be printed, but means it is fewer clicks away. Let...

    News - 3 February 2017

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  • Important Dates

    Dates and deadlines for IFLA Officers Please check Officers Basecamp calendar for up-to-date information on due dates and deadlines. WLIC-related activities For up-to-date...

    Informational Page - 22 September 2016

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  • PC projects funded in 2012

    A list of projects funded by the Professional Committee in 2012 is now online in the Officers Corner. It can be found on the "Key documents" page under "finances & projects...

    News - 20 June 2012

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  • Strategic plans for 2012

    A link and four new documents have been added to the Officers Corner in the "planning" section of the Key Documents page: A link to the IFLA Key Initiatives 2011-2012 Actions and...

    News - 21 May 2012

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  • PowerPoint template for Helsinki

    Feel free to download and make use of the Powerpoint template for the WLIC 2012 in Helsinki, which is now available. It is linked from both the Conference Related Information page and the Key...

    News - 24 April 2012

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  • Dates and instructions for Helsinki

    The Conference Related Information section of the Officers Corner has been updated to reflect the latest email from HQ sent on January 12th regarding Helsinki programme deadlines. Please read the...

    News - 6 February 2012

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  • Contact details

    ​ The first point of contact for Officers and SIG Conveners should be the relevant Division Chair or Professional Committee Chair. If you wish to receive more information or if you...

    Informational Page - 24 October 2011

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  • Officers' Corner News

    The Professional Support Officer will announce important information and changes to the Officers Corner through this news feed.

    News - 3 October 2011

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  • Serving on IFLA Standing Committees

    Serving on a Section Standing Committee is one of the best ways of contributing to the work of IFLA. Standing Committees are at the heart of the Federation. They help develop policies, carry out...

    Informational Page - 27 October 2010

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  • HQ Emails to Officers

    This page contains copies of some of the most important emails sent to Officers. These emails often contain instructions or other important information which Officers might need to consult several...

    Informational Page - 28 September 2010

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  • For Information Coordinators

    Duties of Information Coordinators web-editing role (more information to follow...) Updates August 2010 December 2009 November 2009

    Informational Page - 1 October 2009

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  • IFLA languages

    IFLA Language policy Translations Simultaneous Interpretation (more information to follow...)

    Informational Page - 1 October 2009

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  • How to become a Standing Committee member or Officer

    Serving on a Section Standing Committee is one of the best ways of contributing to the work of IFLA. Standing Committees are at the heart of the Federation and, along with Strategic...

    Informational Page - 30 September 2009

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  • Background Documents

    Professional Committee Professional Committee agenda and minutes of meetings Code of Ethics IFLA Code of Ethics for the Members of the Governing Board and Officers Branding...

    Informational Page - 30 September 2009

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  • Plan for WLIC

    Next Congress: WLIC 2021 In a first for IFLA, the 2021 World Library and Information Congress (WLIC) will be held online, as part of an accelerated drive to develop a new, more...

    Informational Page - 30 September 2009

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  • Officers Corner

    Purpose of the Officers Corner: Welcome to the Officers Corner. This is a toolkit for IFLA Section Officers, Special Interest Group Convenors, Strategic Programme Chairs and Directors,...

    IFLA Group or Activity - 22 September 2009

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  • Submitting Content for the Website

    Procedures and Guidelines Web Editors and other contributors (Officers, Information Coordinators) should follow the following procedures and guidelines when preparing documents for, or...

    Informational Page - 31 March 2009

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