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Division: Support of the Profession

The Section focuses on education and training for library and information science professionals based on research and professional practice. It serves library and information science educators, practitioners and managers with training responsibilities. Appropriately educated, adequately trained, continually learning professionals are a requirement for effective and efficient information services. Education and training for library and information services concerns all IFLA's Divisions and requires cooperation with them and other international and inter-regional associations which have a related mission. Of special interest to the Section is the state of library and information science education and training in developing countries

SET won the 2021 Dynamic Unit Impact Award (DUIA) Special Mention for "Quality and Impact of the Work."  See more about this at: IFLA Professional Unit Awards at IFLA WLIC 2021 .

July 2021 SET Newsletter with WLIC program details

See a video of SET in action. 

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This Section is sponsoring: LIS Education in Developing Countries Special Interest Group.

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Last update: 21 August 2021

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WLIC 2021: An Open Forum on LTR research projects: Beyond Helicopter Research: Unpacking International Studies on LIS Education and Research Methods

An Open Forum on LTR research projects. LIS research that is sensitive to diverse communities, multiple ways of knowing, and local participation

10 August 2021

IFLA SET + IFLA Strategy: celebrating collaboration

Closely aligned to the IFLA Key Initiative 3.1 “Provide excellent opportunities for networking and learning” the IFLA Section on Education and Training (IFLA SET) sets an excellent example by focusing on collaboration and developing collective actions across sectors.

7 August 2021