• Parliamentary Research & Library Service Ethics, 2017-19At the 2016 IFLAPARL pre-conference it was decided to address the need for some guidance on the ethical questions that arise in daily work to complement the existing published guidelines for parliamentary research services and legislative libraries.  A working group was set up to develop a checklist of issues on which services could self-assess.  The work was carried forward through workshops at both the 2017 and 2018 pre-conferences, as well as informal discussions, sharing of policy documents from individual services and formal presentations.  It was supported by IFLAPARL members who were prepared to share practical examples of ethical issues and comment on the draft checklists throughout their development.  We aim to complete this project by launching the checklists at our pre-conference in Athens in 2019.  Further details of this project can be found by following the link above

  • Redesign of the World Directory of Parliamentary Libraries (and Research Services), 2017
    A new version of the Directory (renamed the World Directory of Library and Research Services for Parliaments) has been designed and built by the National Library of Congress, Chile.  The prototype was demonstrated at the 2017 pre-conference and an invitation to members to create their own institutional record in the Directory has been sent out to parliamentary libraries and research services.
  • IFLAPARL Survey on Guidelines, Best Practices & Standards, 2016
    In July 2016, the IFLA Section on Library and Research Services for Parliaments began a survey to obtain feedback on the guidelines that have been authored or published by the Section, in collaboration with partners. This is a summary of the survey results.

Library and Research Services for Parliaments

Last update: 25 May 2021