Library Pledge for Digital Inclusion

​IFLA launched the Library Pledge for Digital Inclusion on 16 October, and is welcoming signatures. Below you can find the Pledge, and the signatories as of 3 December 2020. You can sign up to the pledge at this link. If you want to share why the Pledge matters for you, in your context, share your quotes or stories with us!

Maximising Access Now: A Library Pledge to promote digital inclusion and access to information during COVID-19 and Beyond

To the best of our abilities, and with full respect for the law and public health:

  • We pledge to promote the best possible internet access for communities, reliably and at no or low cost, so that no-one should lack connectivity for financial reasons
  • We pledge to promote the widest possible access to relevant digital content and services, supporting education, research, and economic, social and cultural participation
  • We pledge to promote the strongest possible support for the development of digital skills, giving users the ability to be successful and confident internet users
  • We pledge to promote equitable broadband policies at all levels 


Organisations and Institutions

Algeria Public Library of Biskra
Argentina Coordinadora de Bibliotecas Populares de La Matanza, Pcia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Australia Australian Library and Information Association
Australia Yarra Libraries
Belgium Bibliothèque de Malmedy (réseau Wamabi)
Bosnia and Herzegovina Public Library of Sarajevo
Brazil Biblioteca Municipal Monteiro Lobato - Lucas do Rio Verde
Brazil Biblioteca Pública Municipal Francisco da Costa Batista
Brazil Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro  - Brasil
Brazil Associação Catarinense de Bibliotecários - ACB
Brazil FEBAB
Brazil SP Leituras - Associação Paulista de Bibliotecas e Leitura
Brazil Universidade do Estado da Bahia
Brazil Universidade Federal de São Paulo
Brazil Projeto Fale com o Dr. Risadina (FMRP-USP)
Brazil Associação Profissional de Bibliotecários da Paraíba - APB-PB
Brazil Biblioteca Prof. Eurico Back - UNESC
Brazil Universidade Federal do Tocantins
Brazil Rede de Bibliotecas e Centro de Informação em Arte no Estado do Rio de Janeiro (REDARTE/RJ)
Brazil Universidade Federal do Pará
Bulgaria Bulgarian Library and Information Association
Bulgaria Global Libraries Bulgaria Foundation
Chile Biblioteca del congreso de Chile
Chile Colegio de Bibliotecarios de Chile
Chile Escuela de Bibliotecología Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana (UTEM)
Chile Instituto Profesional IPG
China University of Macau Library
Costa Rica Colegio de Profesionales en Bibliotecología de Costa Rica
Croatia Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy, University of Split
Croatia National and University Library in Zagreb
Czechia Association of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic
Czechia Obecní knihovna Jiřice kraj Vysočina
Ecuador Unidad Educativa del Milenio Simiatug
Ethiopia CODE- Ethiopia
Ethiopia Jimma University
Fiji Fiji Library Association
France Bibliothèque publique d'information
Gambia Gambia National Library Service Authority
Germany German Library Association
Germany Berufsverband Information Bibliothek, BIB
Ghana African Library and Information Associations and Institutions ( AfLIA)
Ghana Ghana Library Authority
Guatemala Asociación Bibliotecológica de Guatemala
India Library and information science academy Aurangabad Maharashtra India
India Mata Gujri college, Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab, India
India Matiari B. Ed. College
India PGGCG 42 Chandigarh
India Pune Marathi Granthalay
India Readers Club International (International Library Networks)
India Swarrnim Startup and Innovation University
Indonesia Association of Indonesia Library and Information Professionals
Indonesia Universitas Brawijaya
Indonesia Universitas Budi Luhur
Ireland CDETB Curriculum Development Unit
Italy AIB - Associazione italiana biblioteche
Italy Library Luigi De Gregori, Italy,Ministry of Education
Italy Brianza Bibliotheche
Jakarta Indonesia Special Libraries Forum
Jamaica Jamaica Library Service
Japan Assistive Technology Development Organization
Kenya Laibu Mkononi (Swahili for "Library in the palm of your hand")
Lebanon Lebanese Library Association
Lithuania Lithuanian Librarians' Association
Lithuania Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania
Malaysia johor state library corporation
Malaysia Sarawak State Library
Malaysia Selangor Public Library Corporation
Malaysia Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Malaysia Universiti Teknologi Mara, Faculty of Information Management, Centre for Postgraduate Studies, Puncak Perdana
Malaysia Faculty of Information Management (IM) UiTM Selangor
Malaysia Melaka Public Library Corporation
Malaysia Melaka Public Library Corporation
Marshall Islands College of the Marshall Islands Library
Marshall Islands Marshall Islands Library Association
Mexico Asociación Mexicana de Bibliotecarios A, C
Mexico Biblioteca Nacional de México
Mexico Colegio de Bibliotecología de la UNAM
Moldova, Republic of Biblioteca Municipala B.P. Hasdeu
Mongolia National Library of Mongolia
Myanmar Myanmar Library Association
Myanmar Waterfall Mobile Library
Nepal Nepal Library Association
Netherlands Stichting
Netherlands Stichting Rijnbrink
Nigeria Nnamdi Azikiwe Library, University of Nigeria, Nsukka and Childrens Centre Library, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
Nigeria Federal College of Education Kontagora
Nigeria Lagos State University,  Nigeria
Nigeria Library Aid Africa
Pakistan Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah Library, Islamic Research Institute, International Islamic University, Islamabad
Portugal DGLAB - General Directorate for Book, Archives and Libraries
Portugal Laredo Associacao Cultural
Qatar Museum of Islamic Art Library
Romania ANBPR Romania
Saint Lucia National Association of Librarians and Information Professionals (NALIP) Saint Lucia
Samoa National University of Samoa
Samoa Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP)
Scotland OneHE Mindsets Information Digital Media Literacy Online Community
Slovakia Slovak Librarians and Libraries Association
South Africa Amazwi South African Museum of Literature
South Africa Central University of Technology
South Africa Committee of Higher Education libraries in South Africa
South Africa Danster Communications
South Africa Rhodes University Library and Information Services
South Africa South African National Biodiversity Institute
South Africa Stellenbosch University Library and Information Service
South Africa The University of the Free State
South Africa University of South Africa: Library and Information Services
South Africa University of the Free State
South Africa University of the western cape
South Africa Vaal University of Technology
South Africa New Ermelo Primary School
Spain Subdirección General de Coordinación Bibliotecaria. Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte
Sweden Helsingborg City Libraries
Sweden Ängelholms bibliotek
Sweden Swedish Library Association
Sweden Angelholm Libraries
Switzerland Bibliosuisse
Timor Leste Xanana Gusmão Reading Room
Trinidad and Tobago National Library and Information System Authority
Uganda Busitema University
Uganda Kawempe Youth Centre Uganda
Uganda Word of Life Uganda
Ukraine Ukrainian Library Association
Ukraine Zolotovskaya Children's Library
Ukraine Kremenskaya Region Library for Children
Ukraine Library of Grabovtsi Village, Barski Region, Vinnisti Oblast
Ukraine City of Oleksandr Centralised Library System
Ukraine Lviv Regional Children`s Library
Ukraine Science Library of the Mukachiv State University
Ukraine Public Library of the Novisk City Council
Ukraine Chernigiv Region Children's Library
Ukraine Zhovkiv Region Centralised Library System
Ukraine Dobropol City Centralised Library System Association
Ukraine Children's Library Branch 5 of the M Slovianska Library System
Ukraine KZ Central Public-School Library - S Bugrin
Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk regional department of Ukrainian Library Assosiation
Ukraine Scientific Library of the Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University
Ukraine S Zarichani Library Branch
Ukraine Donets'k Oblast Chapter of the Ukrainian Library Association
Ukraine Centralised Public Library System Association
Ukraine Buchat Regional Children's Library
Ukraine KZ Centralised Public Library System M Slvianks, Branch no. 4
Ukraine Liman Central Library System
Ukraine Scientific library of Mukachevo State University
Ukraine KU Greater Oleksandr Regional Public Library System, Kherson Oblast
Ukraine I Kotlyarevski Library, Shevchenki Region, City of Kiev
Ukraine Kostyantin City Council Library System Association
Ukraine Science Library, O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv ( Science Library O.M. Beketov NUUE )
Ukraine Donetsk Region Children's Library, City of Mariopol, Donetsk Region
Ukraine Vasylivka Library, Ukrainе
Ukraine National Historical Library of Ukraine
Ukraine Sloviansk Region Central Library System
Ukraine Science Library, O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv ( Science Library O.M. Beketov NUUE )
Ukraine Hmelnitsa oblasna uneversalna naukova biblioteka
Ukraine National Pedagogical Dragomanov University Scientific Library
Ukraine City of Suma Central Library System
Ukraine Sumy State University library
Ukraine Lugansk Regional Universal Scientific Library
Ukraine Central City Public Library - G Konstantinov
United Kingdom Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals
United States American Library Association
United States Austin Public Library
United States Essex Library Association
United States EveryLibrary Institute NFP
United States Nancy Bolt & Associates
United States Pikes Peak Library District
United States Prince George's County Memorial Library System
United States Texas A&M University
United States Center for Research Libraries
United States Denver Public Library
Uruguay Asociacion de Bibliotecologos del Uruguay
Zimbabwe City of Bulawayo
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Library Association


Algeria Hachani, Samir
Argentina D'Amico, Pablo Bruno
Argentina Lacorazza, María Silvia
Argentina Alberto Salinas
Australia Byrne, Alex
Australia Cribb, Gulcin
Australia Logan, Fiona
Australia Mackenzie, Christine
Australia Morgan-Bindon, Marian
Australia Robertson, Sharon
Australia Rowe, Kate
Austria Ferus, Andreas
Bangladesh Parvin, Shaharima
Belgium Van den Berghe, Patrick
Bhutan Sangay Dawa
Bhutan Yudon, Sonam
Bosna and Hercegovina Bratić, Slađana
Bosnia and Herzegovina Ćurovac, Ejla
Bosnia and Herzegovina Saracevic Narcis
Brazil Alves da Silva, Marcos Rubens
Brazil Alves Lima, Vania Mara
Brazil Assis, Catarina
Brazil Barbosa, Alves Sandra
Brazil Barros, Érica
Brazil Burin, Camila Koerich
Brazil Chaves, Mayco Ferreira
Brazil Cládice
Brazil Costa, Kátia Maria 
Brazil da Silva Batista, Denise Maria 
Brazil da Silva Llarena, Rosilene Agapito
Brazil de Paula, Viviane Carolina
Brazil Doyle, Andréa
Brazil Elias Junior, Alberto Calil
Brazil Fazioli, Regina 
Brazil Ferrari, Adriana Cybele
Brazil Ferreira, Sarah Lorenzon
Brazil Ferreira, Sarah Lorenzon
Brazil Geraldo, Genilson
Brazil Gomes Almeida, Maria da Graça
Brazil Gomes, Deborah Matias
Brazil Gonçalves, Vicente Santos
Brazil Gulart Jr, Edmundo
Brazil Katia
Brazil Loução, Mariusa F M 
Brazil Lubisco, Nidia
Brazil Machado, Elisa
Brazil Mesquita, Jânio dos Santos
Brazil Oliveira Duarte, Anelise de Moraes 
Brazil Oliveira, Cristiane
Brazil Prado, Jorge Moisés Kroll do
Brazil Rene Faustino Gabriel Junior
Brazil Rezende, Anauzira
Brazil Rocha, Eliane da
Brazil Ruprecht, Pierre Andre
Brazil Sampaio, Maria Helena Mafioletti
Brazil Santos, Raquel da Silva
Brazil Sartortt, Rosalvio
Brazil Selbach, Clarissa Jesinska
Brazil Soares Pinto Ferreira, Sueli Mara 
Brazil Teixeira, Lilian
Brazil Telma
Brazil Gilvanedja Mendes
Brazil Zafalon, Zaira Regina
Brazil Moreira, Artur da Silva
Brazil Vera
Brazil França, Fernanda Percia
Brazil Rosi Supriano
Brazil Elisângela Mota Pires
Brazil Penido, Rafael de Andrade
Brazil Leal, Luciana
Brazil Anderson Cavalcante
Brazil Santana, Solange
Bulgaria Yancheva, Gergana
Canada Bossikponnon, Daniel J. S. 
Canada Brown, Christine
Canada Charaf, Inaam 
Canada Hafner, Joseph
Canada Kim, Hana
Canada Rempel, Jennifer
Canada Shadrach, B
Chile Fuentes Martínez, María Angélica 
Chile Muñoz Churruca, Camila
Croatia Horvat, Aleksandra
Croatia Šimunović, Marija
Croatia Willer, Mirna
Czech Republic Jansova, Linda
Czechia Šedá Marie
Czechia Balíková Marie
Egypt Salem, Shawky Dr.
El Salvador Jonathan Pleitez
Ethiopia Abebe, Alemu
Fiji Fapiano, Luisa
Fiji Nakaora
Fiji Narayan, Gyaneshwar
Fiji Pai Lorin
Fiji Serevi, Sofia
Fiji Sutherland, Julianne
Fiji Tabalala, Liviana
Fiji Volatabu Qica, Ela 
Finland Hämäläinen, Annukka
Finland Berndtson, Maija
France Deschamps, Christine
France Perrin, Charlène 
France Sengsavang, Eng
Ghana Ampadu, Beatrice
Guadeloupe Océane chotard
Guatemala García Salazar,Rosidalia
Hong Kong, China Chan, Helen
India Ali , Saiyed Faieem
India Bhattacharjee, Adrija
India Bhattacharjee, Subhrangshu Sekhar
India Bihani, Sanjay Kumar
India Chaudhuri,  Sabuj Kumar
India Chowdhury, Arpita Roy
India Darsana Gopinath J
India Das, Sankha Subhra
India Gireesh Kumar, T K
India Joshi, Hrishikesh
India Kaur, Manjit
India Kshirsagar, Pradnya
India Kumar Biswal, Sunil
India Kumar, Dr Suchetan 
India Mali, Tanaji
India Nerkar Vishwas  Arvind
India Panda, Suresh Chandra
India Patke, Shrinivas
India Prajapati, Dr Dipti R 
India Sachin
India Shinde, Kishor
India Singh, Neeza
India Sonawane, Chetan
India Synrem ,Damanbha
India Tawseef, Ahmad Sheikh
India Yeole, Avinash Dattatraya
India Riyar Kuldeep
India Riyar Kuldeep
Indonesia Muhammad Rosyihan Hendrawan
Indonesia Sri Udari, Margaretha 
Indonesia Sulaiman, Madiareni
Ireland Duffy, Johannah
Italy Arte, Assunta
Italy Cavicchi, Claudia
Italy Colombati, Carla
Italy Corradini Elena
Italy Foglieni, Ornella
Italy Lamberti, Antonella
Italy Macherelli, Elisa
Italy Marquardt, Luisa
Italy Pasqualis, Simonetta
Italy Poli, Angela
Italy Simonetta, Pasqualis 
Italy Stefani, Michele
Italy Tammaro, Anna Maria
Italy Visca, Antonella 
Italy Vincenza Iossa
Italy Santoni, Veronica
Italy Brandinelli Anna Maria
Jamaica Simpson, Kishma 
Japan Inoue, Yasuyo
Japan Nomura,  Misako
Kazakhstan Yap, Joseph
Kenya Amunga, Hellen
Kenya Isaac, Abdulahi Abdi
Kenya Makokha, Caroline
Kenya Mwaniki, Kephins Migwi
Kenya Yusuf, Ganyana Juma
Kuwait Alkanan, Asma
Malawi Mhango, Blessings
Malaysia Abd Rahman, Noraini
Malaysia Begum Fazal Mohamed, Rashidah 
Malaysia Shehnaaz
Malaysia Ismail, Saidatul Akmar
Maldives Shiuna, Aminath
Mali Sogoba, Souleymane
Marshall Islands Akikko, Aine
Marshall Islands Jeraan, Lisa
Marshall Islands Mandira, Janelynn 
Marshall Islands Schutz, Lola
Marshall Islands Verenaisi, Bavadra
Mexico Fuentes López, Blanca Isabel
Mexico Hernandez, Jonathan
Mexico Tena Espinoza de los Monteros, Martin Adalberto
Nepal Pantha, Basanta Raj
Netherlands Koelen, Marga
New Zealand-Aotearoa Lacaze-Campbell Nathalie
New Zealand-Aotearoa Roberts, Winston
New Zealand-Aotearoa Roycroft, Trina
New Zealand-Aotearoa Weber-Beard, Sabine
Nigeria Abdullahi, Jamilu
Nigeria Abubakar Ahmad Ameen Al-Deen
Nigeria Amuni Abdus-Semiu, Sarat
Nigeria El-Kalash, Kamaluddeen Isa
Nigeria Ojeniyi, Oyedele Abimbola
Nigeria Oyelude, Adetoun
Nigeria Yusuf, Fatima Ladan
Nigeria Adeleke Dare
Nigeria Osuchukwu Ngozi Osuchukwu
Norway Nygaard, Knut Michael
Pakistan Anwar, Uzma
Papua New Guinea Isikel, Ismael K.
Philippines Ambloza, Michelle
Philippines Bundoc, Judeelyn S.
Philippines Ducas, Andrew
Philippines Guilles, Dennis
Philippines Lapuz, Elvira
Philippines Reyes, Leonila
Portugal Vitorino, Maria José
Repulic of Korea Lee, Yonghun
Repulic of Korea Ziyoung Park
Romania Marian, Maria
Russia Beliakova, Daria 
Scotland Martzoukou, Konstantina
Senegal Ndiaye, Mandiaye
Serbia Djukic, Predrag 
Singapore Lim Junhao, Edward
South Africa Albertus, Diego
South Africa Aubrey Madiba
South Africa Basson, Carine
South Africa Bernice Nagel
South Africa Cele, Maxwell
South Africa Daphne Gengayan
South Africa Frahm-Arp, Maria 
South Africa Halford Warren
South Africa Harker, Nicole
South Africa Horn, Elmarie
South Africa Immelman, Ursula
South Africa Jeannet Molopyane
South Africa Jugdav, Surendra
South Africa Kenneth Khumalo
South Africa Kercival, Claudette
South Africa Kgomotso Hope Ledwaba
South Africa Kotsokoane, Nthabiseng
South Africa Kruger, Annelize
South Africa Lesele Matete
South Africa Lethabo, Ledwara
South Africa Lewis, Natalie
South Africa Lilley, Luinda
South Africa Lor, Peter
South Africa Louis du Plessis
South Africa Madikizela Abongile
South Africa Mahlatji, Matlala Rachel
South Africa Makrwede, Zingisani Nokubonga
South Africa Maloyi, Naledi
South Africa Marieta Snyman
South Africa Masekoameng Moshohli Frans
South Africa Masixole Timothy Kolo
South Africa Mathenjwa Thembi
South Africa Mdodana,Sikhunjulwe
South Africa Meyer, Ockert
South Africa Mhlonishwa Zungu
South Africa Mlamla Thembisa
South Africa Mnengi, Sidima
South Africa Molepo Mahlaga
South Africa Naidoo, Keshia
South Africa Naidoo, Segarani
South Africa Neerputh, Shirlene
South Africa Ngcobo, Mhlengi
South Africa Nicholson, Denise
South Africa Nozuko Matiwane
South Africa Nyathi Zandile
South Africa Nyoka, Jeff
South Africa Queen Sekhosana
South Africa Reid, Lindsay
South Africa Schlebusch, Alida
South Africa Schutte, Deon
South Africa Senoa, Koketso 
South Africa Sephoko, Molatoli
South Africa Shongwe Nompumelelo
South Africa Spershott, Claire
South Africa Tembe Biziwe
South Africa Themeka Sotshononda
South Africa Tise, Ellen
South Africa van Wyk, Angelique
South Africa Vrey, Ronet
South Africa Vuyokazi Jamieson
South Africa Scheltema-Van Wyk, Cornelle
South Africa Khumalo, Musa
South Africa Okoli Ugo
South Africa Gillian Kerchhoff
South Africa Mdung Njabulo
South Africa Tshukudu, Tshephisho
South Africa Mpofu Ntombegugu
South Africa Mulaudzi Nkhensani
South Africa Mrubata, Thamsanqa
South Africa Sikhosana, Msawenkosi
South Africa Sithatu Vuyiswa
South Africa Opperman Ben
South Africa Mbowane, PC
South Africa Louw, Gerald
South Africa Makhathini, Noni
Spain Altarriba, Núria 
Spain Bartolomé, Lidia
Spain Casaldàliga, Núria
Spain García Parga, Cristina
Spain Pérez-Salmerón, Glòria
Spain Martínez González, Belén
Spain María del Mar González
St Maarten Hodge, Blanca
Switzerland Baetcke, Franziska
Switzreland Vallotton Preisig, Amélie
Timor Leste Freitas, Gaspar
Uganda Kyazike, Esther
Ukraine Korchova, Nataliya
Ukraine Lebedeva, Svitlana
Ukraine Matvienko Tatiana
Ukraine Olena, Skobodan
Ukraine Mel'nichenko, Lyudmila
Ukraine Sviridenko, Nataliya
Ukraine Hanna Anisimova
Ukraine Zozilya, Lilia
Ukraine Lyubovets Nadiia
Ukraine Kasyanchuk, Olega
Ukraine Kravetz, Irina
Ukraine Стрезева Наталья
Ukraine Shelen, Nataliya
Ukraine Dyba, Nataliia
Ukraine Vorobel Svitlana
Ukraine Olga Skibina
Ukraine Mundir, Oksana
Ukraine Bozhko, Marina
Ukraine Olena Sokur
Ukraine Turinova, Lyuba
Ukraine Nikolenko, Natalya
Ukraine Irina Korobejnyk
Ukraine Irina Korobejnyk
Ukraine Demchenko, Svitlana
Ukraine Kirillova, Marina
Ukraine Irina Korobejnyk
Ukraine Garkavaya, Kristina
United Kingdom Cooke, Louise
United Kingdom Cotera, Maria
United Kingdom Dolan, John
United Kingdom Gann, Bob
United Kingdom Rankin, Carolynn
United Kingdom Shimmon, Ross Michael
United Kingdom Wylie, Alan
United States Baeza, Oscar
United States Beh, Eugenia
United States Bell, Gladys
United States Blaine, Amy
United States Breslin, Amy
United States Buckel, Carin
United States Canney, Jacquelyn
United States Chang, Bebe S.
United States Chang, May
United States Chapin, Jean
United States Coleman, Anita
United States Cong-Huyen, Anne
United States Cruz, Sarah
United States Davis Jr, James A
United States Dittmeier, Amy
United States Doherty, Brian
United States Drewes, Jeanne
United States Fenton, Michele
United States Figueroa, Manuel
United States Finnell, Joshua
United States Flint, Douglas
United States Ford, Barbara
United States Garcia, Ed
United States Garcia-Febo, Loida
United States Gitner, Fred
United States Hackney, Arya
United States Hairston, Faith
United States Hirsh, Sandra 
United States Hirst, Edward
United States Huang, Michael
United States John Craig Baken
United States Johnson, Kelli 
United States Kampf, Allison
United States Klemann, Sara
United States LaFromboise, Aaron
United States LaMoreaux, Nicole
United States Lujan, Jaidan
United States Maddison, Zola
United States Mairn, Chad
United States Marquez, Natalie
United States Meyers, Jane Kinney
United States Morrissey-Myatt, Jennifer
United States Nishimoto, Dan
United States O'Donnell, James J. 
United States Okerson, Ann
United States Pelayo-Lozada, Lessa Kanani'opua
United States Pun, Raymond
United States Rosenblum, Beth
United States Roy, Loriene
United States Santillan, Roman A
United States Scheeder, Donna
United States Smith, Deborah
United States Tabb, Winston
United States Tallman, Kathryn
United States Tseng, Sally
United States Van Stanley, Zach
United States VanDyne, Heather
United States Visco, Gabrielle
United States Weisberg, Jennifer
United States White, Edward
United States Williamsen, Julie
United States Woo, Jen
United States Young, Alison Faith
United States Zarndt, Frederick
United States Zapata, Evelyne
United States Khan, Star
United States Anderson, Jill
Uruguay Ocaso, Alicia
Venezuela Alvarado-Lopez, Cesar
Venezuela Alvarado-Lopez, Cesar 
Zimbabwe Chigwada, Josiline
Zimbabwe Nyabadza, Bert
Zimbabwe Tsekwende, Brian

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Last update: 3 December 2020