Current Cataloguing Section Action Plan, 2019-2021

The Cataloguing Section analyses the functions of cataloguing activities for all types of material and media, including both bibliographic and authority information, for the benefit of all users.

The Section proposes and develops standards, cataloguing rules, models and guidelines for bibliographic information, taking into account the developing of electronic and networked digital environments in order to promote universal access to, and exchange of, bibliographic and authority information.

The current action plan covers the span 2019-2021, and is a very ambitious document with 4 focus areas:

  1. Maintaining consistency between standards (Structural revision of ICP)
  2. Identify key-competences for metadata librarians
  3. Promoting section’s key-documents in a international scale.
  4. A focus on authority control and ID management

See: Action plan 2019-2021 [PDF]

Action plans, Cataloguing

Last update: 21 July 2020