Implementing Marrakesh in Europe - A Guide

With European Union (EU) legislation implementing the Marrakesh Treaty now published, Member States now have a clear deadline for making the Treaty's provisions a reality in national law. The EU Directive (2017/1564) sets out the broad lines of what Member States must do, while the Regulation (2017/1563) allows for the Directive's provisions to apply across the Union's external borders. However, both leave Member States with details to fill in, and some important choices to make.

This guide, adapted from the EIFL Guide to the Marrakesh Treaty, and developed by IFLA in partnership with EBLIDA, aims to explain the Directive and Regulation to libraries and library associations nationally, and sets out recommendations for implementation into national law (transposition). 

The guide is available in standard (Word, PDF) and large print (Word, PDF) versions.

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Last update: 12 October 2017