Knowledge Management Action and Communication Plans

Knowledge Management Action Plan, 2019 - 2021

The IFLA Knowledge Management Section’s Action Plan 2019-2021 aligns with the new structure IFLA adopted. It also aligns with IFLA’s Strategic Directions and Key Initiatives. It is divided in two Focus Areas. Each one includes key initiatives and projects/activities. Our goal remains to demonstrate the value the knowledge management activities brings to libraries.

The IFLA Strategic Directions encourage collaboration between Professional Units. Therefore, the first Focus Area describes a joint project between Knowledge Management and Education and Training Sections. It intends to advance the profession through understanding best practices in knowledge management education and in Digital Humanities and Digital Scholarship in library and information services context. It aligns with Strategic Direction #2 Inspire and enhance professional practice and #4 Optimise our organisation. The Focus Area 1 aims to:

  1. survey and develop a report of findings on knowledge education programs,
  2. hold a satellite meeting and specially focused theme based WLIC open programs to present findings and get feedback.

The second Focus Area aligns with Strategic Direction #3 Connect and empower the field and #4 Optimise our organisation. The program of the Knowledge Management Section and its supporting Digital Humanities/Digital Scholarship SIG for the WLIC 2020 is built around those two Strategic Directions. The key initiatives of the program are to support virtual networking and connections and increase visibility through excellent and innovative communications.

For details see the full plan KM Action Plan 2019-2021.

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