Learning Materials for workshops on the IFLA Manifesto on Transparency, Good Governance and Freedom from Corruption

“Libraries are in their very essence transparency institutions, dedicated to making available the most accurate and unbiased educational, scientific and technical, and socially relevant information to each and everyone. The information materials and access provided by libraries and information services contribute to good governance by enlarging the knowledge of citizens and enriching their discussions and debates. Libraries and information services should extend their mission so as to become more active components in good governance and the struggle against corruption. In particular they can perform a significant role in informing of their rights and entitlements.” IFLA Transparency Manifesto

FAIFE is pleased to present a set of learning materials for use by librarians working the areas of transparency, good governance and freedom from corruption. These learning materials, which take the form of a workshop manual and a set of accompanying workshop, are intended for use by library professionals who are engaged in training colleagues to consider the challenges that libraries face when supplying information to users about transparency and corruption.

The IFLA manifesto on transparency and these Learning Materials call on the library profession to make its own house as clean as possible, before recommending means by which the library can be made a practical contributor to transparency activities and become an effective partner in society’s struggle against corruption.

It will not necessarily be an easy policy to adopt for librarians in countries where corrupt and authoritarian governments suppress criticism in brisk and heavy-handed fashion. In such environments it will represent an ideal to be pursued over the long term, but wherever there is scope for change and improvement, these Learning Materials and the IFLA Transparency Manifesto provide a platform to guide the profession.

Just one example of work by librarians to implement the Manifesto, in Mexico, can be found in this report.

The Manual

The manual was developed at an IFLA/FAIFE workshop that took place in December 2008 in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Participants in the workshop represented a wide range of cultural backgrounds. The working group consisted of librarians and experts in information science from:

  • Russia
  • Denmark
  • Mexico
  • South Africa
  • New Caledonia
  • Nigeria
  • United Kingdom
  • Croatia
  • Germany

Available Material

These documents can be used in the Transparency, Good Governance and Freedom from Corruption Workshop.

The Transparency Manifesto

See IFLA Manifesto on Transparency, Good Governance and Freedom from Corruption.

The Transparency Manual

The PowerPoint Slides

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Last update: 15 September 2016