Measuring Quality : Performance Measurement in Libraries 2nd revised edition

by Roswitha Poll & Peter te Boekhorst (Eds.)

Series: IFLA Publications Series 127
Publisher: Munich: K.G. Saur, 2007

Measuring Quality: Performance Measurement in Libraries The first edition of this handbook appeared in 1996 and dealt with academic libraries. It gained wide acceptance and was translated into five other languages.

After ten years, this new edition widens the perspective to include public libraries and adds indicators for electronic services and cost-effectiveness. It offers a set of 40 such indicators and provides practical help by describing sampling and surveying procedures and by giving examples for each indicator. The Handbook is intended as a practical instrument for the evaluation of library services. Although it aims specifically at academic and public libraries, most indicators will also apply to all other types of libraries.

Measuring Quality. Performance Measurement in Libraries
2nd revised edition.
By Roswitha Poll and Peter te Boekhorst
Munich: K.G. Saur, 2007
(IFLA Publications; 127)
ISBN 978-3-598-22033-3
Price: EUR 78,00 (EUR 58,00 for IFLA Members)

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Guidelines, Statistics and Evaluation, Performance Measurement

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