Professional Awards

What are the IFLA Professional awards?

IFLA Professional Awards recognise the contribution, or potential future contribution, of an individual or an organization to the professional activities of IFLA or to the international library and information services sector in a specific professional area.

As part of the award, there may be a sponsored prize, which may take the form of a grant for attendance at an IFLA event. The awards, however, should be considered separately to grants themselves, the latter not having the same level of recognition of contribution to the profession.

Current IFLA Professional Awards

  • IFLA Dynamic Unit and Impact Award
    This award recognises the success of Professional Units in achieving the expectations of a dynamic unit, as defined by the Professional Committee. All IFLA Professional Unit(s) – Divisions, Sections, Special Interest Groups, Strategic Programmes or Core Activities – are eligible to nominate for the Award.
  • Best IFLA Poster
    On behalf of the Professional Committee, a jury will select the best poster from those displayed during the World Library and Information Congress. See the current WLIC web pages (under Programme) for more details.
  • IFLA Green Library Award
    Rewards the best Green Library submission that communicates the library’s commitment to environmental sustainability

Principles of IFLA Professional Awards

  1. When IFLA's name is lent to an award, there must be IFLA representation on the jury, at a minimum either a Professional Committee member or someone from an appropriate committee to ensure accountability and relevance to IFLA goals and standards.
  2. The Professional Committee should always be informed of the winner of an IFLA professional award prior to it being made public.
  3. On a sponsored award IFLA is named first - though the precise name will have to be negotiated with each sponsor.
  4. When the presentation of a sponsored award is made at an IFLA conference, the sponsorship should cover (all) the costs of the winner to attend the IFLA conference.
  5. Award funding should benefit the winner and not provide expenses for the jury. Jury members should communicate via virtual means if they cannot meet in person.

Note on grants and prizes

Financial prizes for attendance at an IFLA event, or cash prizes, which do not specifically provide recognition of the contribution of an individual or organization to IFLA’s professional activities or to the international library and information services sector in a specific professional area, will be known within IFLA as a “grant” rather than an “award”. Grants available to support attendance at the IFLA World Library and Information Congress (WLIC) will be listed on the registration pages for that WLIC.

For complete information and guidelines on the proposal or sponsorship of professional awards, please see our Guidelines for Proposing or Sponsoring IFLA Professional Awards webpage.

Other grants overseen by the Professional Committee:

Please see the current WLIC website for more details.

Last update: 29 April 2019