Special Interest Group Conveners

This page describes the role and responsibilities of Special Interest Group Conveners.

The IFLA Special Interest Groups (SIGs) address emerging issues or trends or issues of continuing interest to a relatively small number of IFLA members. SIGs bring together IFLA members with common and continuing interests that they wish to discuss or explore,but which are not included in the Mission and Goals of an existing Section. Interests may cut across the concerns of multiple Sections, identify and follow an emerging issue or trend, be very specialized or narrow and be relevant to a small number of members.

Rule 20 of the Rules of Procedure describes further details concerning SIGs and SIG Conveners.

A SIG Convener organises the work of a SIG and the discussion by its members. The Professional Committee recommends that SIGs develop a structure around the Convener to assist with, for example, the calling of meetings during the year and recording of the outcomes, updating the SIG’s website, developing ideas for and carrying out projects, and helping with communication within and outside the SIG.

SIGs are sponsored by a Section, to which the SIG Convener therefore reports, and the Convener therefore becomes an ex officio member of the Standing Committee (if they are not already a Standing Committee member) and is invited to Standing Committee meetings of the Section.

Responsibilities of the Special Interest Group (SIG) Convener (not defined as an IFLA Officer)

The Convener leads the SIG in developing activities throughout the year; they convene the meeting of the SIG during the annual conference and encourage members from across the Federation to voice their opinions and ideas. They may develop, or contribute to guidelines, standards, or other activities in coordination with their sponsoring section. They can form a small committee to coordinate their work together with other SIG members.

  • Convene the meeting of the SIG during the annual conference;
  • Coordinate the SIG’s activities during the year;
  • Make requests via the Sponsoring Section for Admin or Project Funds to support the work of the SIG;
  • Maintain and update the information on the SIG’s web pages, creating new pages and posting new documents when relevant;
  • Create announcements for news about the SIG or about the SIG’s topic;
  • Manage the SIG’s mailing list, blog and other social media presences in accordance with guidelines from IFLA;
  • Attend the meetings of the sponsoring Section’s Standing Committee at each Congress during his/her term of office and report on the activities of the SIG;
  • Attend all relevant meetings of Divisions and Officers (during Congress);
  • Report to the Sponsoring Section when the SIG is reviewed.

They may be called upon to contribute to IFLA’s strategic initiatives on the basis of their expertise in the SIG’s subject area.

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Last update: 12 March 2015