How to become a Standing Committee member or Officer

    Serving on a Section Standing Committee is one of the best ways of contributing to the work of IFLA. Standing Committees are at the heart of the Federation and, along with Strategic Programmes, form the core of the IFLA professional structure. They help develop policies, carry out surveys and other projects, prepare guidelines, and organise open sessions and workshops at the IFLA World Library and Information Congress. Serving on a Standing Committee provides opportunities for professional development, networking with colleagues from many different countries and helps to advance the profession.

    Members of Standing Committees serve in a personal capacity. They do not themselves have to be Members of IFLA, but they have to be nominated by current IFLA Association Members, Institutional Members, Institutional Affiliates or Individual Affiliates.

    Every two years, there is a call for new Standing Committee members for the Sections, and following the subsequent elections, each of those Sections elects new Officers (Chairs and Secretaries) from among its members to lead the work of the Standing Committee. Please see further details for each of these processes:

    Standing Committee (SC) nominations and elections

    Election of new Officers (Chair and Secretaries) and Information Coordinators.

    If you are interested in serving on a Standing Committee but cannot (for financial or other reasons) attend the meetings of that Committee, you can approach the Chair of the Standing Committee to enquire about being appointed a "Corresponding Member". This is also a good way of getting involved for the first time if you have never been on an IFLA committee before.

    The work of the Standing Committees is overseen by the Professional Committee. Most, but not all, members of the Professional Committee were previously Officers. The Professional Committee is responsible for professional activities, policies and programmes, and makes decisions for IFLA on the professional structure, procedures for organizing the professional content of the World Library and Information Congress, the publishing programme,  funding of professional activities, and professional awards. They are responsible for ensuring that these activities continue to support the mission and goals of IFLA.

    For more information on what is involved in volunteering for a Standing Committee, becoming an Officer, or being elected to the Professional Committee, see the further details of the professional structure of IFLA and the roles and responsibilities of those involved.

    IFLA Officers

    Last update: 21 May 2015