Corresponding Members

Each Standing Committee may appoint up to five Corresponding Members.

These places are intended for people who are normally unable to attend the IFLA World Library and Information Congress (and therefore the meetings of the Standing Committee) for geographical or financial reasons. Their role is to represent countries in geographical areas, which might not otherwise be represented, or to provide expertise in a specific subject field. They are also a great way to introduce people to the work of the Committee who might then later stand for election.

Corresponding Members receive the Standing Committee papers and are expected to maintain regular contact with the Officers and other Standing Committee members.

Such members shall be appointed (by the Standing Committee) for an initial two-year term, renewable for one further term of two years on the decision of the Section's Chair.

The Standing Committee might appoint Corresponding Members to work on particular projects, or to provide input on certain activities. Corresponding Members have no voting rights in Standing Committee meetings, but if they are able to attend a meeting of the Committee, they are entitled to speak but they do not contribute to the quorum.

See the Rules of Procedure rules R18.30 and R18.31 for details.

Register and update your Section's Corresponding Members by contacting the IFLA Administrative Officer, Lidia Putziger

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Last update: 30 October 2017