How to Write an Annual Report

Professional Unit Annual Reports

The purpose of a Unit’s Annual Report is to inform the Professional Committee, the Unit’s Standing Committee or organizing committee, members of the Unit, and our audience around the world about achievements over the year.

You should use your Annual Report to give an update on the progress of the activities outlined in your Unit’s Action Plan, with a special focus on the impact they have had. The Annual Reports of all IFLA Units provide important input to the fulfilment of IFLA’s Professional Programme, Strategic Plan and Key Initiatives, and also contribute to IFLA’s Annual Report.

Report Timing, Procedure and Contents

Please see the 2020 Reporting announcement in the Officers Basecamp for the form and details. If you have any questions, pelase contact the IFLA Professional Support Officer at

Share your Report

Your full Annual Report should not be made public, but elements of the report in a condensed form should be shared on your Unit’s webpage. A template for producing an Annual Report web page has been shared with Information Coordinators. Remember to update your webpage continuously throughout the year with announcements of activities, news and reports of activity  progress and results.

See the Information Coordinators instructions [restricted].

Procedure for handing over in an election year

In an election year, the outgoing Chair or Convener should write the final report of the activities up to August, make any final changes following the August committee meetings, gain Standing Committee/organizing committee approval and hand over a completed and approved report to the new Chair or Convener.

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Last update: 19 October 2020