Officers Corner

Purpose of the Officers Corner:

Welcome to the Officers Corner. This is a toolkit for IFLA Section Officers, Special Interest Group Convenors, Strategic Programme Chairs and Directors, Standards Review Group Chairs and Regional Office Managers. Here you will find information, forms and guidelines issued by the Professional Committee to help your Professional Unit support IFLA’s Strategic Direction and function as a Dynamic Unit.

IFLA Officers are the Chair and Secretary of each IFLA Section; there are 88 Officers covering the 44 IFLA Sections. The Officers are the official representatives of the Sections’ Standing Committees and the channel for communication between each Section and the Professional Committee. The Professional Committee oversees the Governing Board’s professional programme of activities and guides the work of the Sections to carry out this programme.

These web pages are intended to provide the information, forms, and guidelines issued by the Professional Committee, and that the Officers need for their IFLA work. 

IFLA Officers

Last update: 4 November 2019

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News related to the IFLA Professional Units can be found on the front page of the IFLA website, or in the IFLA From Home postings. Please check back for a streamlined news delivery system on the new IFLA website.

19 October 2020

New IFLA Standard: IFLA Guidelines for Library Services to Children aged 0-18 [revised version 2018]

The Committee on Standards is pleased to announce the publication of the IFLA Guidelines for Library Services to Children aged 0-18 / revised version 2018

10 December 2018