MetLib 2016 - Doha

Pearls in the desert: unleashing potential


23 – 28 April 2016


Doha, Qatar


Qatar National Library

Qatar National Library (QNL) is pleased to invite all librarians to register and participate in the upcoming Metropolitan Libraries (METLIB 2016) conference, to be held in Doha - Qatar, under the theme “Pearls in the desert: unleashing potential”.

Metropolitan libraries are meant to provide people with knowledge and information to realize their potential and become active contributors to their society’s development. A pearl inside a shell starts with a grain of sand and grows into a beautiful gemstone after a long process of nurturing and care by the oyster. Likewise, the potential which every human has needs nurturing and can develop into a great skill or ability no matter how small that potential might be.

METLIB 2016Public libraries provide the knowledge and information support that help people unleash their potential, achieve their ambitions and become important contributors to their society’s development.

Metropolitan librarians’ professional development is an important aspect of libraries function. Librarians should also receive the needed support and development to realize their potential in the best possible way to serve and develop their communities.

The pearls and the desert of the Gulf come together to form a perfect portrait of how a small potential can turn into a precious gemstone and how development can be achieved. What is needed is nurturing, care and support.    

Do come and join us on this exciting journey of exploring potentials and areas of growth and development for both metropolitan libraries patrons and librarians. We will be happy to welcome you!


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Last update: 9 March 2016