Suggested agenda for August Standing Committee meetings

The following gives a suggested agenda for the August Standing Committee meetings which take place during the WLIC.

See the [WORD] document for a version which includes further explanation and notes for the Chair and person who will take minutes (usually the Secretary).


  1. It is not compulsory to have two Standing Committee meetings during the WLIC or to fill all the time allocated. Your Standing Committee members will probably be happy if you have short meetings and accomplish everything early!
  2. If you do need only one meeting, or can guarantee you will finish early, let the Conference Manager at HQ know so that she can make the room available to others.
  3. Officers should decide how to split the meeting if they will hold two meetings during the week. If new Officers will take over for the second meeting, the outgoing Officers may propose an agenda for the second meeting to ensure items are handed over effectively. 
  4. Items in bold are necessary items for the agenda; all other items should be added only if relevant to the meeting.


  1. Welcome and apologies.
  2. Approval of the Agenda.
  3. Standing Committee membership matters
    1. (In odd-numbered years) Introduction to the Standing Committee for new members.
    2. (In odd-numbered years) Election of new Officers by incoming Standing Committee (ongoing and new Standing Committee members). See
    3. Distribution or revision of other Standing Committee roles:
    4. Identification of any inactive members who could be considered to have resigned.
    5. Co-option of replacement members for any members that have already resigned.
    6. Renewal or retirement of corresponding members.
    7. Attraction of new members.
  4. Notes of previous meetings
    1. Approval if not already done by email.
    2. Matters arising in relation to the notes, not elsewhere on the agenda.
  5. Announcements and report from the Professional Committee (Leadership Brief, Officers Training, as relevant)
    1. Items for information
    2. Responses to specific questions raised by the Section, or submissions.
  6. Action Plan
    1. Update from ongoing activities, working groups or projects.
      1. Discussion of specific issues (if necessary).
      2. Review of funded projects.
      3. Revision and update of annual report of the Section to take into account completed activities.
    2. Review of the Section’s objectives and planning of related activities.
      1. Communication within the Standing Committee (email, Basecamp, Zoom calls). Establish expectations for involvement.
      2. Communication with members (mailing list, web pages, etc.). Information Coordinator’s report.
      3. Publications authored by the Section.
      4. Any awards managed by the Section.
      5. Ideas for new activities.
      6. If a funding need is anticipated for the following year, finalize details for the application to be submitted to the Professional Committee in October.
    3. Finalisation and agreement on action plan.
  7. WLIC session (if relevant)
    1. Last-minute planning (first Standing Committee meeting)
    2. General evaluation and feedback (second Standing Committee meeting)
  8. WLIC session for following year
    1. Discuss programme ideas.
    2. Identify the Conference organizing team and identify roles:
  9. WLIC Satellite Meetings (if relevant).
    1. General evaluation and feedback from this year’s satellite meeting if it has already taken place
    2. Identification of a team to plan the following year’s satellite meeting.
    3. Decision about whether to plan a satellite meeting in two years’ time.
  10. SIG reports (if relevant)
    1. Re-appointment of the convener (after two years) or appointment of a new convener (every four years or when a vacancy arises).
    2. Activity report.
    3. Planning report.
    4. Review the special 4-year report if the SIG is about to start its fourth year.
  11. Items to raise or report to the Professional Committee
    1. Request for extra funds.
    2. Other items.
  12. Any other business.
  13. Next meeting of the Standing Committee.

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Last update: 26 February 2019