Latin American Seminar on the Lyon Declaration

Libraries as Social Institutions contributing to the Sustainable Development


21 – 22 May 2015


Bogotá, Colombia


Libraries as Social Institutions contributing to the Sustainable Development

The IFLA Regional Office for Latin America & the Caribbean, in conjunction with the Undergraduate Program in Information Systems at Universidad de La Salle, warmly invite you to attend a Seminar on the Lyon Declaration.


One of the challenges that currently face the higher education institutions is to offer appropriate answers to the demands placed on training professionals in library and information sciences, which is framed by globalized society and technological advances, bringing main changes in the way requesting and searching information by users (citizens) in recent years. This in turn applies to how to learn, to teach as well as to take on responsibilities and professional role of the librarians as elements for the sustainable development in the information society.


Set up structured spaces for discuss, reflect and propose, aimed at specifying the role of librarians and libraries in the face of challenges for the sustainable development so as to enable deepening of operating dynamics and considering libraries as elements of social, political and cultural sustainable development, as well as to contribute to make public policies on cultural issues within the framework of the Lyon Declaration on Access to Information and Development, addressing perspectives for inclusion and involvement in Latin American countries.

The Seminar is aimed at directors of libraries, coordinators of information centers, and information professionals in general. See the complete programme in Spanish.


Auditorium "Hno. Martín Carlos" at Universidad de La Salle, Chapinero.
Address: Carrera 5, no. 59-44, Bogotá, Colombia.


Jaime Ríos-Ortega,
Manager of the IFLA Regional Office for LAC

Nelson Pulido-Daza,
Director of the Undergraduate Program in Information System at Universidad de La Salle.


Programa de Sistemas de Información y Documentación.
Tel. (1) 348-8000 ext. 1518

For more information, see: seminar website (en Español)

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