IFLA Division IV and SET webinar: Projects in the Libraries - Ideas, Innovations, Initiatives


26 May 2021




 Ideas, Innovations, and Initiatives

IFLA Division IV is delighted to announce the second webinar: "Projects in the Libraries - Ideas, Innovations, Initiatives".

Join the webinar on 26 May 2021, 13.00 - 14.30 CEST
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Join us! You will hear about the innovative out-of-the-box projects LIS students have created or helped to create in a library.


  • Randolf Mariano (Norway)
  • Gerald C. Diño (Philippines)
  • Jay Michael O. Diola (Philippines)
  • Sagan Wallace (USA)
  • Anthony Martinez (USA)

Moderator: Erik Boekesteijn (Senior Advisor at the National Library at the Netherlands (KB))

Webinar coordinator: Albina Krymskaya (IFLA Division IV and SET Secretary)

Webinar project team: Catharina Isberg (Division IV Chair), Kendra Albright (SET Chair), Albina Krymskaya (SET Secretary), Loida Garcia-Febo (MLAS Information Coordinator), Susanne List-Tretthahn (SET corresponding member), Magdalena Gomułka (NPSIG Convenor), Marija Simunovic (NPSIG member), Andrés Reinoso (NPSIG member), and Paria Tajallipour (NPSIG member).

Webinar, Education and Training, Division IV (Support of the Profession)

Last update: 25 May 2021