IFLA Regional Workshop - Middle East and North Africa

Strategies for Stronger Libraries


12 – 13 November 2019


Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt

IFLA will be represented by Secretary General, Gerald Leitner, Manager, Policy and Advocacy, Stephen Wyber, Member Engagement Officer, Kristīne Pabērza Ramiresa, and Project Coordination Assistant, Esther Doria


On 12-13 November, a second regional workshop about the new IFLA Strategy 2019-2024, the first one after its official launch at the World Library and Information Congress 2019, will take place in Alexandria, Egypt.

Following the development of IFLA's Global Vision, this workshop will focus on how, working at the national and international level, we can develop a globally united library field. 

Invited participants from across the MENA region will explore together how to build strategies for stronger libraries and will reflect on what actions they can take to contribute to the goals of the Strategy, both individually and collectively.

Learn more about the IFLA's Strategy, a call to action.

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Last update: 16 April 2021