MetLib 2015 - Zurich

Reaching Limits - Crossing Borders


3 – 8 May 2015


Pestalozzi-Library, Zurich, Switzerland


Public Libraries are places that provide us with knowledge and information. Very often, we find ourselves limited in what we would like to offer and what we are able to offer our customers.

Limits of financial means or limited personnel force us to rethink and look for new solutions to old problems. Ideally, we can go beyond mere coping and excel what arose out of necessity. In this way, we are crossing borders, looking for new ways, new alliances, co-operations and inventions.

The conference will be about sharing advances in practical knowledge and about how libraries cope with these challenges. Our program will to not only allow you to exchange ideas with fellow librarians, but will also offer you an opportunity to crossing the borders into other fields.

Do come and accompany us on this exciting journey across borders. We will be happy to welcome you!

MetLib 2015 - Zurich

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