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  • Impact Survey
    The Impact survey page is an online survey tool designed especially for public libraries that want to better understand the communities and is with written and validated by research staff at the University of Washington Information School. They have created a page on Advocacy tools which contains information on Advocacy toolbox, Advocacy Communication documents, training videos and video stories.
  • Advocacy in Action
    The site is owned by OCLC, a page created to help learn how to amplify library values.
  • Geek the Library
    The link opens up to a page called Igeek, a page that helps in spreading awareness about the value of libraries and the critical funding issues they face.
  • Turning the page
    Turning the page online is a free online advocacy training course, developed and presented by the public library association and supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Global Libraries (at the Gates Foundation) will have a complete advocacy curriculum ready in 2014 (forthcoming)

National Library Associations and National Libraries

  • American Library Association
    American Library Association's "Library Advocates Handbook", available in multiple languages.
  • Canadian Library Association
    The link contains a pdf document published by the Canadian Association of Public Libraries (CAPL) titled Library Advocacy Now! A training Program for Public Library staff and trustees.
  • Russian Library Association
    The link opens the article in Russian language about the opportunities of RLA in advocacy (In Russian: Мамаева С. А. Услуги профессиональной ассоциации: скрытые резервы РБА)
  • Scottish Library and Information Council
    The link contains information on advocacy and an anvocacy tookit produced by the Scottish Library and Information Council.
  • Crimea Universal Research Library of I. Ya. Franko
    The link opens the handbook in Russian language on Advocacy as system of defense of Library’s interests, by Crimea Universal Research Library of I. Ya. Franko (In Russian:  Адвокация, как система защиты интересов библиотек. Методические рекомендации. Симферополь, 2012.)
  • Ukraine, Kharcov
    The link opens the handbook in Ukrainian language on Advocacy of modern library (In Ukranian:  Адвокасі в бібліотечній сфері: метод. матеріали /Департамен. культури і туризму Харк. облдержадмін., Харк. обл. універс. наук. б-ка; ред.- уклад. Н.М. Грачова - Х.: ХОУНБ, 2013. )

State library associations, USA

Special libraries associations

  • IFLA School Library Advocacy Kit
    This IFLA webpage contains various links on advocacy toolkits, pdf on advocacy and lobbying workshop, and various other links for more advocacy toolkits.
  • Calling All School Librarians 
    (CASL): This is an advocacy site, created for school librarians to help them advocate in a positive manner to save and support school libraries.
  • American Association of School Librarians
    The link contains various toolkits on advocacy put together by the American Association of School Librarians.
  • Pennsylvania School Librarians Association
    The Pennsylvania School Librarians Association came up with top ten tips that can spark ideas for new things to try and to validate the great advocacy that is already happening.
  • American Association of Law Libraries
    Seen as the voice of law librarianship, AALL works hard to influence the outcome of legal information, technology policy, and librarianship issues of concern to AALL members on the local, state, federal, and international levels. Chief among these advocacy issues are copyright, access to government information, and privacy.
  • Australian School Library Association
    The link opens a section of resources “Advocacy & Promotion Of School Libraries” on the ASLA website, includes successful advocacy work stories.
  • Association of Jewish Libraries
    A Tool for Library Advocacy from the Association of Jewish Libraries.

LDP (Library Development Programme), Advocacy, Toolkit

Last update: 2 July 2021

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