Common Base of Citizen Knowledge (CBCK) — Youth Involvement in the development of projects

Submitted by Jorge Ruiz Vaca (Mexico)

"Who has information has power”, this was one of the novelties of The experience of the Common Base of Citizen Knowledge - CBCK; whose challenge is to organize information in order to keep the data relating to the day-to-day life and the place where we live in, and, at the same time, to create simple and friendly forms of access to work with them. This way, we believe people will be able to contribute to a more realistic construction as well as the management of public policies according to citizens’ needs.

During the process of the courses we tried to privilege thematic contents with the objective of reaching the essential level of information, so that participants acquire the informational competence demanded by the globalized world needs.

Young Brazilian  involved in poor areas of Sao Paulo have  turned the library into a powerful vehicle for social inclusion as using library outreach services to youth and adults to generate knowledge to help the break of poverty.

 As a summary of these experiences we could say that is the sustainability of library services in non-traditional spaces as the result of are active participation of the beneficiary population oriented to lines of action concretely improve their quality of life.


Training young people in the use of technology to make possible to gather information about the areas they inhabit and be able to:

  1. Freely distribute among the population on contributing to social development.
  2. Exchange it or sell it to government agencies to improve public policy as offer it for sale to commercial companies

LDP (Library Development Programme), Advocacy, Toolkit, Youth involvement, Project development

Last update: 17 July 2014

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