2 October 2013

Free Download of Library Planning Book

By Santi Romero

Library Architecture: Recommendations for a Comprehensive Research Project

Thanks to the agreement reached between the editor (COAC – Collegi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya), the Gerència de Serveis de Biblioteques of the Diputació de Barcelona and the author himself, it is now possible to download, free of charge, the book “Library Architecture: Recommendations for a comprehensive research project” by Santi Romero.

It is a book that specializes in library buildings that wants to be an instrument to plan and design a library in a comprehensive way, thanks to the joint work of architects, librarians and users. It is targeted to these professionals, can also be of great help to the public or private developers for planning library services and for planning and building the library. It is developed as a monograph based on the library reality of Spain, and it fills the void that existed regarding publications specialized in this matter. The book is available on the Diputació de Barcelona webpage in three languages:

Catalan: L’Arquitectura de la Biblioteca: Recomanacions per a un projecte integral – 2nd edition (July 2004)


Spanish: La Arquitectura de la Biblioteca: Recomendaciones para un proyecto integral – 2nd edition (December 2003)


English: Library Architecture: Recommendations for a comprehensive research project – (December 2008)


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