2 August 2013

ACD E-Resource Guide Now Available in Italian!

By Jerome FRONTY, ACD information coordinator

Dear Colleagues,

After the Russian, French, Arabic, Polish, Spanish, Bulgarian, and Chinese versions, the IFLA Acquisition & Collection Development Section (ACD) is now proud to introduce the Italian version: access the Italian translation here.

Please also refer to our blog posts, Facebook page and Twitter account.

With many thanks to our colleague Dr Assunta Arte from Tito Scalo near Potenza (Basilicata), Italy, who made it possible, please let me wish you a good read!

Translations in German (the last IFLA official language not covered by this project now), but also in Persian and in Turkish are (still) in the making: please stay on alert as you’ll hear from us as the next languages line up!

But I promise: this is the last one before the IFLA WLIC in Singapore!  :-)

Best regards,

Jérôme FRONTY, IFLA ACD Information Coordinator

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