4 April 2013

E-books in libraries

Presented in collaboration with MetLib, Management of Library Associations, and Copyright and Legal Matters Sections

Tentative Program

Morning Session –  E-books in libraries – a snapshot of e-book licensing policy/ principles around the globe

Part 1 (9:30am – 11:00am) :

A. Introduction and chair  – Gerald Leitner

B. E-book licensing policy/principles/issues around the globe:

a. Speaker from EBLIDA – principles for fair licensing models – Klaus-Peter Bottger

b. Australia - Book Industry Strategy Council principles and progress – Margaret Allen

c. US/Canada – Janice Pilch

d. South America – Chloe Vicente de Billion, Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, Chile

e. Africa – Dr. Maisela Eddy Maepa, UNISA, South Africa

f. Asia – contacted Kenny Chan, Deputy Director, Resource Management, National Library Board, Singapore – awaiting confirmation

Part 2 (11am – noon):

C. Pulling it all together – copyright implications – Victoria Owen

D. Author perspective - TBC

E. Publisher/vendor perspective – George Coe, CEO Baker and Taylor 

F. Introduction/overview of IFLA think piece/principles – Stuart/Paul 

Afternoon Session – E-books in libraries Part (2) putting principles into practice: global initiatives to secure access to e-books in libraries

Part 1 (2pm – 3:00pm):

A. Introduction 

B. Advocacy platforms/building an e-book future

a. Swedish Library Association – e-book campaign (“Meet Your New Librarian”)

b. Norwegian Library – “The Bookshelf”

c. Pretnumerique, Quebec, Canada – Clement Laberge

d. TBC

Part 2 (3:30pm – 4:30pm)

World Café discussion 
Table leads:

· Ellen Broad - Australia

· Ruth Ornholt - Norway

· Hannalore Vogt - Germany

· Margaret Allen - Australia/IFLA

· Ai Cheng - Singapore

Question time 

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