Action Plan 2011-2012

Strategic Direction

Empowering government libraries to enable their user communities to have open and equitable access to government information


To improve access to government information we will focus on activities that:

1a. promote government libraries and government information services;

1 b. enable libraries and librarians to increase awareness of services in government libraries;

1 c. promote the expansion and access to government information in all forms;

1 d. encourage the use of digital technology to preserve resources and to disseminate information and information resources.

Priority Actions

1.1 Promote and assist government libraries to function successfully in their politically complex environments.

1.2 Collaborate to sponsor or co-sponsor multiple programs at the annual IFLA conference with quality papers and speakers that convey the latest in best practices for government information and services in government libraries.

1.3 Maintain and update the online publication, Mission and/or Vision Statements of Government Libraries Worldwide.


Strategic Direction

Growing the professional capacity of the Government Libraries Section and IFLA overall


To grow and promote IFLA and the Government Libraries Section we will:

2 a. grow our institutional Section and Standing Committee membership;

2 b. advertise and promote IFLA and the Government Libraries Section;

2 c. seek to involve Section members to develop activities and priorities of the Section.

Priority Actions

2.1 Expand our audience and promote Government Libraries to the institutional members of the Section by way of sharing news and conference programs;

2.2 Maintain a Government Libraries brochure;

2.3 Encourage participation and leadership within the Section by mentoring and encouraging new members to share in the idea exchange and management of the Section;

2.4 Grow our social network presence by way of Section’s mailing list, weblog, and Facebook for promotion and recruitment and for continuing discussions of issues facing government librarians today.


Strategic Direction

Enhance the quality of the profession and of government librarians, in general


To further the improvement, knowledge, and skills of government librarians we will:

3 a. continue to evaluate and promote the Section’s publication, Guidelines for Libraries of Government Departments by way of discussions and additional translations of the publication;

3 b. hold a regional or satellite meeting or mid-term meeting at least every two years.

Priority Actions

3.1 Spanish language translation of the Guidelines is expected in early 2011, with a future possible Catalan and Polish translation in 2011-2012.

3.2 A mid-term regional conference may be held for government librarians in Poland to discuss the Guidelines, relevant government library issues, and to join together Polish government librarians.


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Last update: 5 October 2012