Seminar on Implementing the Marrakesh Treaty


26 February 2018


Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Hala Essalmawi (Library of Alexandria, Egypt) will represent IFLA, underlining what libraries, with the right support and laws, can do to provide access to information to people with print disabilities.

There is strong and welcome progress on the implementation of the Marrakesh Treaty around the world. With formal ratification, and the associated changes to domestic laws, the world is moving closer to realising the potential of the Treaty.

This seminar, organised by the World Intellectual Property Organisation and the Ministry of Economy of the United Arab Emirates, offers a great possibility to promote the Treaty in the Arab-speaking world. IFLA will be represented by Hala Essalmawi of the Library of Alexandria, Egypt, where she will underline the need to support and empower libraries. 

Read more here about IFLA's work on the Marrakesh Treaty.

Seminar, Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities, Access to information, Copyright, United Arab Emirates, Marrakesh Treaty

Last update: 26 February 2018