2 January 2018

Call for papers: Metropolitan Libraries programme at WLIC 2018 in Kuala Lumpur

IFLA’s Metropolitan Libraries Section invites you to submit a proposal for its programme at the 84th IFLA World Library and Information Congress to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 24-30 August 2018. 

"Sanctuaries in the city: the public library as a safe space"

The Section intends to explore how public libraries of large urban areas all over the world are becoming a neutral and comfortable haven where all kinds of people can feel safe in difficult personal and social situations.

We are seeking 5-6 thoughtful, high quality papers (presentations of 10-15 minutes each), addressing how public libraries provide a safe space to:

  • Communities during social unrest and protests;
  • Communities involved in natural disasters (flooding, earthquakes, etc.);
  • Difficult users;
  • Ethnic, cultural and religious minorities;
  • Homeless and poor people;
  • Immigrants and refugees;
  • Isolated users (i.e. people with dementia);
  • People with disabilities;
  • Teen users targeted by bullying, for gender, sexuality, the way they dress;

and how public libraries:

  • Partner with police and social workers
  • Select policies (i. e. for collections and meeting rooms)
  • Train staff

The IFLA Metropolitan Libraries Section provides an international platform for professional communication and understanding of topics related to libraries of cities and urban areas of more than 400.000 inhabitants. 

The deadline for submitting a detailed abstract is 18 March 2018

Please refer to the IFLA WLIC 2018 website for full details. 

Le Square

Le Square at the Grande Bibliothèque, Montréal (Canada) [photo: C. Di Tillio]

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