Challenging Society and Naming Identity: Subject Access and Bibliography in a Multicultural World - Bibliography Section and Subject Analysis and Access Section


21 August 2017


Wrocław, Polen


The Open Session will take place on 21 August, 9:30-11:30, Imperial Hall

  1. Retrieving Oregon Indians from Obscurity: A Project to Enhance Access to Resources on Tribal History and Culture Richard E. Sapon-White, Oregon State University, United States
    Paper in English 
  2. Genre Theory Applied: Genre and Form Terms in the National Library of Poland Catalogue Kamil Pawlicki, National Library of Poland, Poland
    Paper in English
  3. Knowing Nearby Others: Approaches to Precise Terminology in New Slavic Vocabularies Jean Dickinson, University of California, United States
    Paper in English
  4. Sámi bibliografiija – Sami bibliography Kari Mathisen, National Library of Norway, Norway Siri Katrine Gaski, National Library of Norway, Norway
    Paper in English

Chair: John DeSantis, Darthmouth university library, USA

Programme, Subject Analysis and Access

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