23 May 2017

SIG Library History session at IFLA 2017 Wroclaw

By Dr Kerry Smith

The very difficult task of reviewing so many fine submissions has been finalised and as you can see from the Programme for IFLA Wroclaw 2017 http://2017.ifla.org/conference-programme  or http://www.professionalabstracts.com/iflawlic2017/programme-iflawlic2017.pdf  (see pp. 12-13)  we have what I hope will be a very interesting session:

Sunday, 20 August 2017 | Session 083, Libraries in Times of Crisis: Historical Perspectives - Library History Special Interest Group | Venue: Multifunction Hall.

Chair: Kerry Smith

  1. Libraries in Times of Crisis: Historical Perspectives Széchenyi National Casino Andrea Gyuricza (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Library and Information Centre, Hungary);
  2. Persistent Resistance: Libraries in the Philippines and their Fight for Freedom and People’s Rights Iyra Buenrostro (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) Johann Frederick Cabbab (University of the Philippines, Philippines);
  3. Bibliocaust of Somali Libraries: Retelling the Somali Civil War Hibaq Nur (Qatar National Library, Qatar);
  4. National Library of Iran in the Midst of War of the Cities Parisa Pasyar (National Library and Archive of Iran, Iran, Islamic Republic of), Fariborz Khosravi (Associate Professor of National Library and Archive of Iran, Iran, Islamic Republic of);
  5. Continuing Solidarity with Our Colleagues in Eastern Europe: the American Library Association (ALA) and the Postwar Rehabilitation of Eastern European Libraries, 1945-1948 Marek Sroka (University of Illinois Library, United States).

I do hope to see you in Wroclaw!  Please come and say Hello if you are able to attend.

Kerry Smith | Convenor IFLA Library History SIG

Cultural heritage, Library history, Multicultural populations

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