9 November 2016

New Australian Public Library Standards launched

By Jan Richards

The Public Libraries Section has just begun the process of reviewing the IFLA Public Library Service Guidelines. Published in 2010 this 2nd edition is a valuable tool for decision makers world wide but the dynamic environment in which public libraries operate requires constant evaluation.

In developing the new Guidelines the Standing Committee will draw on the experience of their extensive networks. Key amongst these will be the new Guidelines, Standards and Outcome Measures for Australian Public Libraries launched at a gala dinner at Parliament House in Canberra earlier this week. Commissioned by the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) and the Australian Public Library Alliance (APLA)  these guidelines provide essential benchmarks for library managers, councils and state government and build on previous standards.

To showcase public libraries' contribution to innovation and creativity, ALIA also produced a fact sheet - 10 ways that libraries power smart cities.

IFLA was well represented at the event with  Margaret Allen and Christine Mackenzie (Governing Board ); Marian Morgan-Bindon and Jan Richards (Public Libraries Standing Committee); and Vicki McDonald (Academic and Research Libraries).

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