eLending & eBook update - April 2016

Here's a few stories relating to e-books and lending that may be of interest.

An American Libraries Magazine piece on e-Books, reporting from a PLA session on the subject. This notes recent trends (falling eBook sales in 2015, evolving licencing models, and the need to be able to unbundle content and delivery in order to be able to offer eBooks through a single platform.

An optimistic outlook for the e-Book market as a whole to 2021 (also reported here), projecting a 14% growth rate.

A blog piece, exploring a form of ‘third way’ between paid and free e-books, via pay-as-you-go, or a more explicit exchange of reader behaviour information in return for access. There’s also this piece (flagged by PL2020 contacts) which highlights the success of Canadian libraries in drawing awareness to the cost of e-books, and sets out the interested in more flexible pricing arrangements which suit the needs of libraries.

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Last update: 18 April 2017