25 April 2016

National Libraries Section Open Session at WLIC - 2016 (Columbus, Ohio)

Thursday August 18th 8:30-10:30

Room: Union Station A/B/C

Simultaneous interpretation will be provided

"National Libraries and digital collaboration: building connections and communities" : Preservation, enhancement and access to shared documentary cultural heritage in the digital age

Chair: Guy Berthiaume, Librarian and Archivist of Canada, Library and Archives Canada

Paper 1 - Introduction

"Digitally reassembling scattered collections: IFLA , the Memory of the World, and the implementation of the new UNESCO’s Recommendation for Documentary Heritage” (Vincent Wintermans, Policy Officer, Netherlands UNESCO National Committee and PERSIST project officer and Julia Brungs, Policy and Research Officer, IFLA)

Paper 2 – Digital reunification of dispersed collections

"The National Library of Korea digitization project" (Jaesun Lee, Director General, Library Services Department, National Library of Korea)

Paper 3 – Digital preservation and access on collaborative platforms

"The Réseau francophone numérique" (Driss Khrouz, General Director, Bibliothèque nationale du Royaume du Maroc)

Paper 4 - Digital access and scientific cooperation on shared collections

"The British Library and its international collections" (Caroline Brazier, Chief Librarian, British Library)

Paper 5 - Bringing together the different strands

"Towards an inclusive digital collaboration policy" (Isabelle Nyffenegger, Head of International Relations, Bibliothèque nationale de France)

Questions and answers

National Libraries, Digital resources

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