Conference Presentations: "A common international standard for rare materials? Why? And how?"

26 February 2016, Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal (Lisbon)

Sponsored by the IFLA Rare Books and Special Collections Section and the Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal

Claudia Fabian (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek) – RDA and cultural heritage - a new starting point for international cooperation?

Adelaida Caro Martin (Spanish National Library) – RDA & Rare Materials:  what is being done at the Spanish National Library

Todd Fell (Yale University) – ISBD and DCRM into RDA:  An Opportunity for Convergence?

Fernanda Santos & Pedro Estacio (School of Arts and Humanities Library, University of Lisbon) – Private libraries as special collections in academic and research libraries; description challenges and users' needs:  a case study

Peter Sjokvist, read by Krister Ostlund (Uppsala University Library) – Transcription in Rare Books Cataloguing

Ana Cristina de Santana Silva (Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal) – Development and challenges in old manuscripts cataloguing:  the experience of the National Library of Portugal

Antje Theise (State and University Library, Hamburg) – The collection of engravings at the Hamburg State and University Library (SUB) -possibilities of standardized cataloguing of graphic prints

Axel Ermert (Institute for Museum Research - SMB/PK Berlin) – A Cataloging Standard for Rare Materials?  Some Reflections on the possible Contribution of Terminology to such an Endeavour

David Farneth (Getty Research Institute) – How Can We Achieve GLAM? Understanding and Overcoming the Challenges to Integrating Metadata Across Museums, Archives, and Libraries.

Benito Rial Costas (Independent Researcher, Spain) – Toward a Description of Incunabula Gothic Typefonts and Typefaces

Anne Welsh (University College London) – The Rare Books Catalogue as the Foundation of the Scholarly Database

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