29 June 2012

WLIC 2012 Conference Session : National Information and Library Policy Special Interest Group

Conferenece Session 140: 

14 August 2012 13:45 - 15:45 | Room: Session Room 3

for submitted papers and translations, please see the conference website.


National Information and Library Policy Special Interest Group 

Moderator: WINSTON ROBERTS (National Library of New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand)

  • Innovative Policies for Library Development
    Keynote speaker: BRUNO RACINE (National Library of France, Paris, France)
  • Special report: The result of "A study on national information & library policy of major countries", Korea
    EUNKYUNG CHUNG (Ewha Woman’s University, Seoul, Korea)
  • Supporting knowledge-based societies: developing national policy for libraries
    CAROL PRIESTLEY (Network for Information & Digital Access (NIDA), London, United Kingdom)  

The recognition of the role that libraries can and do play in the information society, in bridging the digital divide and in their unique ability to support a country’s development goals has led to renewed interest in the establishment of national library policies. This paper presents the findings from research being carried out 2010 - 2012 by a team of international and national researchers across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa.  Three components are included: desk research leading to preparation of a background paper; development of case studies to illustrate forward-thinking/innovative practice; and, development of a draft library policy framework.  See: final results

  • Developing services for new generations of users – Public library police in Finland
    BARBRO WIGELL-RYYNANEN (Ministry of Education and Culture Finland, Helsinki, Finland)

The Finnish public library network is extensive, 836 libraries and 153 mobile libraries serve a population of 5, 3 million. There is an average of 18 loans per capita and year. In 2011, there were 53 million library visits and 57 million visits on library web sites. Citizen´s right to services of quality regardless of domicile or financial standing is emphasized in legislation and national strategies. The public library policies are mentioned in the Government Platforms, they are referred to in diverse national programs and they provide a foundation for proposing regulations and government funding.The Finnish Library Policy 2015 accentuates public library services as a basic service along with comprehensive education. The objective is to ensure access to knowledge and cultural sources in the networking information, civic and learning society.

  • A brief history national support for libraries in the United States
    MICHELE FARRELL (Institute of Museum and Library Services, Washington, DC, USA)  

This presentation is a short review of federal government support for libraries in the United States.  It takes a look at some of the U.S. legislation that has impacted the development of public, school, college, and medical libraries. It also describes organizations that have been involved with the passage of library legislation and the governmental structures that carried out the legislative mandates. Librarians and their organizations have influenced the passage of legislation so that libraries can improve service and accessibility to information.

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