8 June 2010

Survey on metadata decisions for digital libraries

By Marcia Zeng, Jaesun Lee and Allene Hayes

Metadata Decisions for Digital Libraries is a survey undertaken in 2007 by Marcia Zeng (Kent State University), Jaesun Lee (National Library of Korea), and Allene Hayes (Library of Congress) to identify major issues and concerns in the metadata community that should be addressed by the IFLA Working Group on Guidelines for Digital Libraries.  The questionnaire was tested with the help of IFLA Cataloguing Section members, distributed through the IFLA listserv, and later further forwarded by IFLA members to other professional listservs. During a one-month period, from October to November 2007, the authors received over 400 survey answers from 49 different countries.  The results are selectively presented on the Website for the Metadata Decisions for Digital Libraries Survey.

Cataloguing, Metadata

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