10 January 2013

Section for Education and Training (SET) Bulletin - the January 2013 issue is now available

The January 2013 issue of the SET Bulletin is now available.  In this issue you can read about a range of exciting initiatives happening in the world of LIS education.  

The main articles in this new issue cover the following topics:

  • Insights on LIS Education in India
  • From Uzbekistan to the US: Short Chronicle of a Virtual Internship Experience
  • Information Professionals 2050: Educating the Next Generation of Information Professionals
  • Practice-based qualification program for Senior Librarianship
  • Turning Ideas into Open Access: Young LIS Journals bring New Perspectives.

SET Bulletin keeps you up to date with snippets of news and details of events of interest to LIS educators and trainers.  Check out the book reviews - and don't miss the LIS conference calendar!

Link to the SET Bulletin [pdf]

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