10 March 2010

New mission statement of the New Professionals Special Interest Group

The NPSIG’s IFLA web pages
are constantly growing and being updated. Now one of the core parts
underwent a general revision: Based on the recent experiences at BOBCATSSS and at IFLA Headquarters,
we reformulated the mission statement. The new version emphasizes
the global connection of New Professionals and their active involvement
in IFLA. It claims several goals divided into on-site and on-line
activities. Have a closer look...


The “New Professionals” are representing a new generation of LIS students and recently qualified professionals.

Nowadays, especially New Professionals are facing various challenges
when entering the profession. Amongst others, the spectrum of issues
covers the internationalization of careers and new skills required as
well as the generational shift at work, changing job profiles and
workplace environments. The New Professionals Special Interest Group
aims to provide a forum within IFLA for the
discussion of these very important issues. We are also concerned with
working with library associations and library decision makers to create
effective strategies for developing leaders and to streamline action
plans for succession planning and passing on knowledge.

It is essential to communicate these topics inside the profession to
raise awareness and to help developing the profession. A strong and
active community is needed for this purpose. Therefore, the recruitment and active involvement of New Professionals in the IFLA network plays an important role within the activities of the NPSIG.

As extensive networking and early career contacts in the global LIS
community are becoming increasingly important in recent years, the
NPSIG wants to connect New Professionals worldwide and to whet their appetite for conferences and networking.



  • Organizing and promoting events during the IFLA Congresses (NPSIG sessions, satellite meetings, social events),
  • actively fostering the global network of New Professionals at any
    other LIS conference or event (BOBCATSSS, ALA Annual, national library
    conferences etc.),
  • setting up a mentoring programme for New Professionals to simplify
    access to IFLA Congresses in general and to the work within IFLA
    sections and groups in particular.


  • Making extensive use of social media and other web 2.0 tools to discuss relevant issues and stay globally connected,
  • encouraging New Professionals to share best practices of projects
    and other professional experiences via blog reports, video statements,
    picture galleries etc.,
  • exploring and providing ways for New Professionals to take actively part in IFLA conferences online.

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