7 November 2012

IGF Baku - Intellectual property rights and the freedom to share: are the two compatible? (8th November, Workshop 146)

This workshop will focus on the tensions between intellectual property rights and the freedom to share. It will interrogate such questions as: Is the classical conceptualization of copyright reconcilable with the practices of online culture of sharing? Are the classical copyright enforcement tools adequate or efficient for copyright protection online? What are the ways content creators can thrive in online environment? What unintended consequences can strong enforcement of classical copyright thinking have for creativity online? What can those mean for the entrepreneurial communities, particularly in the developing countries? How do young people actually use file sharing websites, peer-to-peer exchanges, and social media? How do we respect people's right to profit from their intellectual property while preserving the openness, creativity, and innovation of the Internet?

The workshop includes:

  • Mr Luca Belli, PRES Sorbonne University, academia, WEOG,
  • Mr Theodore Brinkofski, Hulkshare.com, private sector, Asia-Pacific,
  • Ms Hannah Broadbent + Mr Jack Passmore and Ms Rebecca Cawthorne, Childnet, WEOG, NGO,
  • Ms Fatima Cambronero, AGEIA DENSI, academia, GRULAC,
  • Mr Ali Hamed, All Things Go - C&C Consulting, private sector, WEOG,
  • Mr Stuart Hamilton, International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, NGO, WEOG,
  • Mr David Hughes, Recording Industry Association of America, private sector, WEOG,
  • Mr Markus Kummer, Internet Society, Technical Community, WEOG;
  • Mr James Lawson, Human Rights Centre - Council of Europe, Government, WEOG,
  • Mr Pierre Lotis Nankep, Agence Nationale des Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication, Government, Africa,
  • Mr Paul Muchene, iHub, private sector, Africa,
  • Ms Roxana Radu, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, academia, WEOG,
  • Mr Maciej Tomaszewski, European Commission - DG Connect, Government, WEOG,
  • Mr Matt Zimmerman, Electronic Frontier Foundation, WEOG, NGOs.

The workshop will take place on the 8th November at 11am (Baku time). Further information can be found on the workshop website. 

WSIS (World Summit on the Information Society), Azerbaijan, Digital inclusion, Intellectual property, IGF, Internet Governance Forum

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