15 January 2012

European Meeting on Media and Information Literacy

EMMILE Coordinator: Luisa Marquardt, marquardt@iol.it

An international meeting on media and information literacy
education in different contexts and sectors (including schools,
libraries of different
types, health, lifelong learning, etc.) will be held in Milan,
Italy, 27-29 February 2012.

The three day meeting, through a set of joint initiatives –
organized thanks to the collaboration of IFLA SLRC, IASL, AIB, Regione
Lombar-dia, Ufficio
Scolastico per la Lombardia, Comune di Milano, Goethe-Institut
Mailand  - explores theory and practice in Media and Information
Literacy education in
different contexts. Plenary sessions, workshops, library and
cultural visits, and the UNESCO MIL Curriculum for School Teachers and
the EMPATIC Project
on Information Literacy in Education as well, are part of the
intensive program.

Those interested in attending the meeting should register ASAP
(by 10 February). No registration fee is required for the meeting
(participants have to
fund their own travel and accommodation). Find full on the EMMILE conference website or email: secretariat.emmile@gmail.com for more information.

School Libraries, Information literacy, Italy

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