12 March 2013

ACD Singapore Open Session Papers Now Selected!

Read The Latest From Our Standing Committee Colleague Julia Gelfand:

The jury for the 2013 ACD Open Session in Singapore is pleased to announce the papers that will be presented. The theme for our session is: “Collaboration in Collections: Libraries, Users and Information Providers” and I believe we were able to achieve our goals in attracting a diverse set of practices and a global demonstration of innovation and collaboration, including a speaker from the host location.

We reviewed a total of 42 submissions, the largest number of submissions we can remember receiving in recent years, with the majority from academic libraries in North America and India and the others scattered from the rest of the world. We selected 5 papers hoping that we will have sufficient time for discussion and questions.

The program is:

  1. Tariq Ashraf (Univ of Dehli, India) – “Leveraging Technology for Building Responsive Collections Through Social Networks”
  2. Jane Burpee (Univ of Guelph) & Leila Fernandez (York University, Canada) – “New Frontiers in Open Access for Collection Development: Perspectives from Canadian Research Libraries”
  3. Andy Heng ( Defense Science and Technology Agency, Singapore)- “Leveraging Organizational Expertise and Subject Taxonomies in Collection Development”
  4. Rasheed Alzahrani & Rinda Ramli (KAUST, Saudi Arabia) – “From Red to Green: Building the Scientific Electronic Collections for a New Sci-Tech University Library”
  5. Matthew Revitt (Univ of Maine) & Clem Guthro (Colby College, USA) - “Together We Are Stronger: A Cooperative Approach to Managing Print Collections”

I want to acknowledge the contributions of all readers and members of the jury and thank each of them: Sirpa Janhonen, Marja Hirn, Helen Ladron de Guevara, Judy Jeng, Shali Zhang, (Vijay) J.K. Vijayakumar – we went through several rounds of review so much time and energy was spent and we hope that you join us in looking forward to an interesting program in Singapore.


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