25 August 2011


2011 Building Strong Library Associations country projects announced

Since launching in 2010, the Building Strong Library Associations programme has been successfully rolled out in six countries, with a number of workshops and outreach activities taking place. The programme is growing, with more trainers, modules, and content. 

Announcement of 2011 countries

IFLA is delighted to announce countries selected to take part in the BSLA programme from 2011. Nepal (Asia and Oceania) and Argentina (Latin America and Caribbean) were selected from a strong field of applicants.

In Nepal, the focus will be on membership, sustainability and advocacy. The Nepal Community Library Association will strengthen their partnership with the Nepal Library Association during the project. In Argentina, Asociacion de bibilotecarios Argentinos (ABGRA) has goals to partner more effectively with other library associations and organisations, and to advocate on behalf of the profession for a new statute. 

Each association is paired with an experienced trainer from their region. Asia and Oceania standing committee members Mike Robinson and Chihfeng Lin will train in Nepal, and we are very happy to announce that Elizabet de Carvalho, recently retired from the Latin America and Caribbean regional office, will be the core trainer in Argentina.

Online platform

All BSLA modules are now available to members via the IFLA Online Learning Platform. Translations of materials are also being added as they become available, including materials in Arabic, Spanish, and French. Several modules are already available to all IFLA members in Spanish. For more information and to register to access the platform visit: http://www.ifla.org/en/bsla/learning-platform 

About BSLA

More information about the Building Strong Library Associations programme is available on the IFLA website. BSLA is a programme of the IFLA ALP core activity.

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