Linked Data Technical Sub-Committee (LIDATEC)


The IFLA Linked Data Technical Sub-Committee supports the linked data and namespaces activities of IFLA professional units by assisting in the publishing of standards, and in providing training and support to these activities. The IFLA Linked Data Technical Sub-Committee replaces the Namespaces Technical Group. In June 2020 we published the IFLA Namespaces. 

The Sub-Committee reports directly to the Committee on Standards and is considered a sub-committee of that group.

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Linked Data Technical Sub-Committee (LIDATEC), Linked data

Last update: 17 November 2020

Latest News

The new IFLA Namespaces now includes the LRM

The LRM (Library Reference Model) is the latest standard to be included on the new IFLA Namespaces site. Visit the site at:

31 August 2020

IFLA Namespaces launched

This site allows for linked data access to various IFLA Standards.

7 July 2020

Meetings of the Committee on Standards in Poland

The IFLA Committee on Standards will meet during the WLIC in Poland.

1 August 2017