IFLA/FAIFE World report 2007

Access to libraries and information: Towards a fairer world

The individual sections of the World Report can be accessed by following the links in this Table of Contents.

Also available is the full World Report in one consolidated file [PDF – 11.1 MB].

Table of contents


- Title page, Imprint page, Preface, Introduction and Authors

- Paul Sturges

- Theo Bothma and Retha Claasen-Veldsman


- Archie L Dick, Irina Trushina, Barbara M. Jones, Kamel Labidi, Jane Duncan and Ethel Kriger

- Retha Claasen-Veldsman and Theo Bothma

Country Reports
- Retha Claasen-Veldsman, Erica Cosijn, Archie Dick, Ina Fourie, Maritha Snyman and Theo Bothma

Analysis and conclusion
- Theo Bothma and Retha Claasen-Veldsman

Appendices English | français | Español

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