Get involved: the eLending Working Group

The IFLA eLending Working Group operates as an informal group, and reports to the Copyright and Other Legal Matters Advisory Committee.

The group focuses largely on exchanging information in the public/community library space. The group keeps a watching brief on eLending issues across the international library community.

IFLA is keen to understand the eLending situation facing libraries everywhere, but particularly in non-English speaking countries. More information will help us focus our future advocacy activities and provide support to our members who are seeking to provide eLending services. Some interesting focuses of exchange of information are:

  • Experiencing difficulties accessing eBook content through publishers or resellers
  • Operating successful models providing access to digital content, in co-operation with, or with the blessing of, publishers large or small
  • Undertaking advocacy campaigns to educate policymakers and the public why it is important for library users to have access to all commercially available eBook content

During WLIC 2018, in Kuala Lumpur, the eLending working group organised a successful conference session after a 5-year break. The session was livestreamed and is now available online. In the next IFLA conferences, sessions are likely to be organised again and collaboration from the members of the working group is welcome. The group also meets as in person during WLIC when possible.

You are welcome to join the eLending Working Group mailing list. More information on how it operates is available on the IFLA mailing lists landing page. For information on how to become a member of the group, or any other matters, please email the IFLA Policy and Research Officer Ariadna Matas or the Chair of the working group, Margaret Allen. Furthermore, you can attend events that IFLA is organising and contribute your voice to the debate.


Margaret Allen
Chief Executive Officer and State Librarian
State Library of Western Australia
Perth, Australia


Christina de Castell
Chief Librarian
Vancouver Public Library

Denise Nicholson
Scholarly Communications Librarian,
University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg,
South Africa

Mary Minow
Library Law Consultant
United States

Dr. Harald Müller
Lecturer, Bibliotheksakademie Bayern

Jean-François Cusson
Directeur général
Montréal (Qc), Canada

Shiham M.S.M
National Library of Sri Lanka,
Sri Lanka

Tomas A. Lipinski
Dean and Professor,
School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin,
Milwaukee, United States

Zhu Qiang
Deputy Director of CALIS
Paking University Library
Beijing 100871 China

Last update: 12 June 2019