BSLA Country Project: Lithuania

LLA President and Vice-President participate in an interview, July 2010

2010 LLA President, Petras Zurlys, and Vice-President participate in an interview during the BSLA country visit, July 2010

Association Profile

The Lithuanian Librarians' Association has 2500 members (personal and honorary) and 76 departments all over Lithuania. The profession of Library and Information Science is young in Lithuania therefore it has a wide potential of growth.

Membership in the LLA is open to all library workers and any citizen of Lithuania.

Project Goals

  • Membership and communication: To create a strategy to encourage new professionals to join the LLA, and to grow new leaders. To strengthen communication with members and potential members, including new technology.
    Partnerships and collaboration: To strengthen smaller units of the LLA and broaden inclusion of the regions, to encourage active membership, and to create new partnerships
    Advocacy and fundraising: To enhance the visibility of the association in society and on the national agenda, to develop new sources of funding

Activities and news

Library tours give an opportunity to learn more about the sector in Lithuania

Library tours give an opportunity to learn more about the sector in Lithuania

Information and resources

Lithuania: IFLA World Report

Project Team

Airida Samavičienė, LLA Secretary, In country facilitator
Alina Jaskuniene, LLA President (2011)
Ramune Petuchovaite, Ministry of Culture
Ugnė Rutkauskienė, Impact Specialist, "Libraries for Innovation"
Claudia Lux, Trainer
Fiona Bradley, ALP Programme Coordinator, IFLA

Lithuania, Building Strong Library Associations, BSLA, ALP (Action for Development through Libraries Programme)

Last update: 15 December 2016