Steps To Create A Successful Campaign

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Now that your organization has officially signed onto The Campaign for the World's Libraries and you have translated the @your library  brand into your native language, where do you go from here?

First, be sure to find the Campaign for the World Library Guide in your native language to learn more about the campaign, how it can help your organization, how it works, and how to market the campaign effectively.

 The American Library Association, with the help from examples from other campaigns, has put together the following ideas to help get you started in developing your own successful public awareness and advocacy campaign. These suggestions are meant to be a guide. We encourage you to be as creative - and strategic - as you can be, and if you have any more ideas to add to add let us know.

Thank you for participating in the @your library campaign!

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Create an Action Plan

The first activity of a new campaign is to create an action plan for the campaign.

It should include goals and objectives, target audiences, key messages, strategies and tactics, evaluation and a budget.

Convince Your Members of The Value of the Campaign

You need to convince or sell your association or organization members first before moving ahead. Create a committee that has input on the plan and its implementation. Ask these members to help be ambassadors for your project. Use a variety of membership communications to spread the word about your new campaign, including email, the Web and any printed publications you have.

Action Plans Can Be Created For Each Library Type

In the action plan, determine what types of libraries you are promoting. You may want to develop specific plans or campaigns for each type of library. The U.S. campaign, developed by the American Library Association, includes a national initiative as well as campaigns specially geared toward academic, school, public, and children's libraries. Each campaign has its own toolkit of resources and materials.

Look For Sponsors, Partners, and Funding

Look for sponsors or partners to help finance and promote the campaign.

AMBAC (Mexican Association of Librarians) secured assistance from the Mexican Ministry of Culture (CONACULTA) as a sponsor who was able to help pay for the cost of and distribution of 15,000 copies of the Library Advocates Handbook

Brazil worked with 3M Library Systems to underwrite its promotional materials for its conference

The American Library Association has secured partnerships with various corporations and nonprofit organizations

Launching Your Campaign 

Try to launch your campaign with a well-publicized kickoff event and invite well-known authors and/or celebrities to participate.

AMBAC in Mexico launched its "en tu biblioteca" campaign with the help of Mexico's First Lady and actress Selma Hayek

The American Library Association secured the assistance of First Lady Laura Bush.

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How to Promote Your Campaign

It is important to determine how, where, and when to best promote your campaign based on your resources, and on what you want to achieve.

The Council of Australian Libraries wanted to increase awareness and use of libraries so they undertook a monthly outreach effort based on services or materials that the library provides.

Each month was a different theme such as:

  • Your Future@your library 
  • Doing Business@your library 
  • Connect @your library 

The State Libraries provided training/planning workshops for public library staff, circulated folders and CD-ROMs with information about the objectives and target audience for each theme, ideas for promotions, useful contacts, sample media releases, logos and photographs for local brochures.

  • LibMark (Library usage went up 10% in libraries during the campaign)

Take Advantage of Existing Promotion Opportunities

You can take advantage of existing promotions such as a "National Library Day" or "National Library Week". The Association of Information Specialists in Georgia, along with the Georgian Library Association and the Ministry of Culture, Monuments Protection and Sport and Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia promoted:
Georgian logo
at their newly created "National Library Week".

Promote Your Campaign at Meetings

Utilize existing meetings, conferences and workshops to promote your campaign. Consider using the @your library  slogan for a conference theme.

Incorporate Your @your library  Brand on All Your Materials

To help promote your campaign be sure to integrate the your version(s) of @your library logo your library logo into existing communications materials such as letterhead, business cards, brochures, fact sheets, press releases and other items.

For additional program and publicity ideas on using the brand, please visit Ways to use the @ your library brand

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Publicize Being Part of A Global Campaign

Take advantage of the fact that your campaign is part of a larger global advocacy campaign involving nearly 30 countries. This will help get members and libraries to become part of the campaign and can be used to help secure support from government agencies and other sponsors.



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