About the Subject Analysis and Access Section

This section was known as the Classification and Indexing Section until August 2016.


The Subject Analysis and Access Section focuses on methods of providing subject access in catalogues, bibliographies, and indexes to documents of all kinds, including electronic documents. The Section serves as a forum for producers and users of classification and subject indexing tools, and it works to facilitate international exchange of information about methods of providing subject access.

It promotes standardization and uniform application of classification and indexing tools by institutions generating or utilizing bibliographic records. It initiates and gives advice about research in the subject approach to information, and it disseminates the results through open meetings and publications. It works closely with the other sections of the IFLA Division of Library Services and with the IFLA UNIMARC Core Activity. It is interested in provision of subject access in libraries and information services of all types.

Mailing List

IFLASUBJ is the Subject Analysis and Access Section mailing list. The list is to facilitate communication among the Section Members and to allow to exchange of materials and proposals between Coordinating Board meetings. 

Prior to October 2016, the Section’s mailing list was called CLASS, and was changed subsequent to the renaming of the Section from Classification and Indexing to Subject Analysis and Access.

Messages intended for distribution to the list should be sent to: iflasubj@iflalists.org

Current Working Groups

Previous Working Groups

IFLA Namespaces Task Group

The Task/Technical Group was superseded by the Linked Data Technical Sub-Committee (LIDATEC) in 2015.

Subject Analysis and Access

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