About the Government Libraries Section


Government libraries form a Section of their own within IFLA (Section 04) belonging to Division I: Library Types.


The Section is aimed at the community of libraries which are part of and work for a body with a governing task and which have, in any way, a political responsibility or connection. The Section encourages the growth and development of government libraries and assists in their cooperation.


  • Promote government libraries and government information services.
  • Assist government libraries in working with each other.
  • Provide advice to librarians working in government libraries to better assist their patrons in utilizing government information.
  • Provide a means for librarians in government libraries to exchange information and communicate with each other.

Organisation and Activities of the Section

The Section's work is steered by a Standing Committee which elects the officers, the Chair and the Secretary. During the annual IFLA General Conference the Section presents one or more programmes, either individually or jointly sponsored with one or more IFLA sections. Periodically the section holds a regional preconference of two to three days duration.

Mailing List


Government Libraries Section mailing list

The purpose of this list is to facilitate discussion about government libraries and to encourage idea and information exchange on issues facing libraries and librarians today.

Note: GOVLIB is restricted to subscribers. Any librarian or information professional interested in this topic is welcome. Please submit your request.

Government Libraries

Last update: 1 July 2019